Registration fees for CONCUR and related/satellite events are shown in the following table. The fees are expressed in euros and include also an additional 20% of taxes (you can see the net price between parentheses).

Fees include participation to the event, the event proceedings (only for ordinary registration), the coffee breaks served at the event location, and the lunches served at the Osteria de' Poeti. CONCUR fee includes access to 20 years celebration session. Ordinary registrations to CONCUR, CMSB and WS-FM also include the respective event social dinner and, excluding WS-FM, the Tuesday cocktail. Ordinary registration to CONCUR also includes the social excursion.

Events Early
(until July 31)
(after July 31)
Ordinary Student Ordinary Student
CONCUR 510(425) 360(300) 630(525) 480(400)
CMSB 360(300) 240(200) 480(400) 360(300)
WS-FM 270(225) 180(150) 360(300) 270(225)
One day workshop 120(100) 90(75) 180(150) 150(125)
IFIP WG 2.2 150(125) 150(125) 210(175) 210(175)

Participants that register for CONCUR will have half price discount on any other event (excluding IFIP WG 2.2 meeting). Participants that do not register for CONCUR but that register for CMSB or WS-FM will have half price discount on one day workshops.

In case of cancellation of the registration before August 21st the payed amount reduced by 100 euro will be refunded. Cancellation requests should be send via e-mail to the address Cancellations after August 21st cannot be refunded.

Please notice that we cannot produce simple receipts for registrations but we need to produce a formal invoice.

Go to the Registration Form (the address will change to that of "Bologna Incoming", the agency that manages registrations).